Nervous Date


There’s just something about a well put together woman than can reduce a man to a blabbering and blundering mess.  Even the most confident of men have met their match when the “right one” walks through the door or a chance happening occurs at the gym or coffee shop.

If not kept in check, your nerves can kill any chance you have with a woman before you even have the chance to get a meaning conversation going.  Despite what most men think, woman traditionally aren’t put off by nerves.  Every woman has their own insecurities, so to them it’s refreshing even endearing when a guy has a little bit of nerves.  Keep in mind we said a little bit of nerves.

It’s ok to be anxious.  It shows that you are human.  What you can’t be is a mess who can’t formulate a complete thought.  Going blank isn’t sexy, and you’ll ruin any chance you have.

The exercise of approaching a woman is no different than what you would do to prepare for a public speaking engagement.  Keep your shoulders relaxed.  Take a sip of water.  This sends a signal to your brain that you are in a relaxed, less heightened state.

When you approach a woman, know that the conversation is a two way street.  You have few minutes to ask as many questions as you can to generate interest in you to get you to the next step.  The next step being a phone number, email address, skype, first date or whatever.  Whatever it is, your goal is to keep the situation moving forward.

Women hate guys that go on and on about themselves.  Ask her some questions about what she does and what her interests are.  Women want to know or at least think that you are interested in more than just their cup size or how they’ll be in bed. There’s plenty of time for that.  Now, is not that time.

As in many other situations, nerves are just unavoidable.  The key is keeping them in check as much as you can.  Control your nerves and you control the situation.

Remember, always leave them wanting more.  Give them just enough but not too much.  Dating is a marathon sport, and you don’t want to tip your hand too soon. Do these simple things, and you’ll be off to the next phase.

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