Friend ZoneOne of the worst things that can happen to any guy, is to be placed in the dreaded “friend zone”.  Once you are there it’s virtually impossible to ever get out.  To set the stage for the conversation, we have to make a few things known.

If the object of your affection is talking about other guys in front of you or if you’ve tried to make a move on her and she either denied you or worse yet didn’t even realize it, you are definitely in the “friend zone”.

When it comes to women, please understand that they can pretty much get any guy anytime they want.  The problem with us guys is that once we zero in on something, we put the full court press on.

Simply put, we don’t exercise any sort of restraint.Women think completely different from us.  We’re not saying go out and think like women.  Just change your way of thinking.

Many guys think that by being a woman’s friend or listening ear when she’s dealing with relationship issues, you can circumvent the situation and move up the relationship ladder.  Wrong.  This may happen in those chic flicks that you watch with her, but the chances of it happening in real life are extremely slim.

The good news for you, is that there is still time to right the ship.

Here’s how to avoid the friend zone

1.  Stop being so available.

Every time she calls, you pick up the phone.  You’re there for her when she’s sad, you’re there for her when she needs to vent.  That sounds more like a golden retriever.  To avoid being confused for a golden retriever, pull back a little.  Give it a day or two before you return her calls.  Stop being a doormat and start being more of a challenge.

2.  Start dating someone

Anyone.  If she has any interest in you whatsoever, this will drive her insane.

3.  Ask her for advice

It’s time you turn the tables.  Start talking candidly about other women.  Ask her for advice on situations that you’re dealing with.

4.  Treat her like your girlfriend

This exercise will tell you everything you need to know about where you stand.  Put your arms around her.  Hold her hand.  All the things that a normal couple would do. If she reacts favorably, you’ll want to do something counter intuitive.

This is what you’ve been wanting, but dating is a marathon and not a sprint.  Always remember to be challenging.     Don’t let her get too comfortable.  You want to keep her on her toes and keep her guessing.  Always leave her wanting more.

It’s time to step up and claim what you want.  If you can’t do that with someone you’re interested in, it’s probably best that you stay in the friend zone.  But if you’re willing to step up and be a man, you’ll become the man that she wants.

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