Most buffets begin and end the same way.  You pile your plate with as much as you can, sit down finish your plate get up and do it all over again.  The only problem with that is you usually leave feeling as if you just ate a small village.  Where’s the fun in that?  Next time you have a hankering for a buffet, give the Tequila Buffet a try.

Handcrafted from beams of wormy chestnut salvaged from dismantled barns and homes of the Appalachians, the Tequila Buffet offers you and your guests a beautiful way to enjoy your favorite adult beverage.  The buffet comes with a cutting board, salt bowls, a paring knife and a spoon.  All you need now is a little Jimmy Buffet music playing in the background.  Enjoy!

Available via Etsy.

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