CHICAGO, IL    After 10 years as the Executive Chef at buzzing Downtown spot Nacional 27, Randy Zweiban went out on his own to create Province. His first goal: Creating an eco-friendly space filled with cork tabletops, bold magenta banquettes made from toxin-free vinyl and dried manzanita trees hanging from the ceiling. Then, he developed the menu, served in courses that start at “bites” and work up to “bigger,” signifying heaping plates of seasonal fare. That may include the mahi mahi with shrimp picadillo and romaine salad or Meyer Ranch skirt steak with sweet potato gratin and chimichurri. Your five courses may dip off-menu, but know that everything’s made with care—the restaurant’s lamb, for example, is braised for 10 hours to create a juicy, unforgettable meal.

Price Range: $$$

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