Om Restaurant & Lounge2

OM Restaurant & Lounge

Boston, MA    Under the watchful eye of Buddha, diners enjoy palate-pleasing selections of elegant pan-Asian cuisine at this Harvard Square mainstay. Momos filled with beef, pork or vegetables melt in your mouth and a baby spinach salad is a burst of freshness, drizzled with a preserved-lemon vinaigrette and topped with goat cheese and toasted sunflower seeds. Entrees like pork tenderloin with grilled zucchini, bacon mashed potatoes and tamarind BBQ sauce are equally innovative and delicious.

Price Range: $$$

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2 thoughts

  1. Momos: that’s a word I haven’t come across since I was in India in 2010. I ate some a few times in Darjeeling restaurants. I didn’t like the pickle they came with though, and I believe other Western travellers were of the same opinion!


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